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Making Strides

The American Breast Cancer Making Strides 5k walk took place yesterday. My teammate, Anne Colburn and I raised $940.00 for the event. I wanted to thank everyone who donated to Anne and I, and our efforts to help raise money for the cure against breast cancer. Thank you!! It was truly a moving event.

I was given this “survivor medal” as a part of the event. I wore it while I walked the 5k course. The best part about this was the community of people who wore these ribbons. Both men and women could be seen with them, which in a striking way shows that men have the need to talk about their own survival, that they also have a need for a community where they can share their experiences. We all can’t be Lance Armstrong, but we can certainly have a voice and have a day, male or female, to celebrate the joy of living, and to let everyone know of our pride, embraced in the unity of a community that defines survivorship as a genderless experience.

So thank you, again, to those who donated to this very deserving cause. I appreciate your response and your immediate reaction to my call for help last week! I did the walk with all of your in mind because I was walking for you as well. Remember, this is a team effort and I am always on your side!

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