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One Year Ago Today

One year ago this day I found my lump. One year ago this day I walked the UCSD Chancellor’s Challenge, a fund-raiser for the university. And one year ago this day my breast swelled and ached after the walk. A friend assured me cancer doesn’t act this way. And, of course, that was not the case. If it were not for the Chancellor’s event I may not have found my tumor. One year ago this day I lay in bed and cried because I knew something was wrong. You always know, you know.

Today I walked the Chancellor’s event, my one-year anniversary. And looking back, one year ago this day, I reflect on the road that is becoming not less traveled. One out of seven women will experience breast cancer sometime in their life. And those are staggering odds. One year ago today I became a statistic. And one year ago today I began a new life, a new way, a journey which I will never forget—craning my neck high—always on the lookout for the sweetest and the most honest of all views.

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