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A Trip to Hawaii

I know. It’s been a long time since my last entry. What can I say other than I had nothing of importance to share. My breast reconstruction has been put on hold leaving me in limbo. After spending a summer experiencing a cold every three weeks and hot flashes that left my bed soaked and my body exhausted, I simply got tired of talking about it. So instead of focusing on my repetitive issues, I treated myself to a trip to Hawaii. Lush greenery, wet air, and blue skies were truly a reprieve. Even with lopsided breasts I easily wore my bathing suit not really caring if anyone noticed. Every wade in the salt waters became a blessing of a medicinal kind. I knew I had to face my life at home, but for that one week I was a care-free traveler gracing the shores of Hawaii. And you know, it was all good, lopsided boob or not.

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