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All for a Reason

My final reconstructive breast surgery has been cancelled, yet again. This makes twice that I have seen the plastic surgeon only to be told the surgery will not be taking place. Bureaucratic paper shuffle has made it so my surgeon has to dance a pretty tune to the IRB Panel that only convenes twice a year to review applications to perform breast reconstruction with the use of silicon implants. As frustrating as it all seems, I choose to view the series of rejections as moments of real intervention. The time is not right for me rather than things not working out for the surgeon. My guardian angel is watching out for the welfare of my recovery, and with that intervention comes wisdom in knowing all things come in time. The edge of twilight holds nothing to the sunrise of the passing night. Nothing, but nothing, is truer than what is now. And if the surgery is not taking place, than nothing can be more exact and good than what is in the moment. Hear those echoes? It is the song of a bird, high-pitched and sweet. It is the tale of things to come. Melodic. Beautiful. Strong. It is simply the song of where I am to be.

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