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Golden Statue

With one chemo application left I have been taking care of my “chemo arm” like it was a golden statue. The veins in my left arm, my chemo arm, were considered ropes by the nurses. They told me there was no need for a port that would have to be surgically inserted into my chest. Instead use the ropes. They looked strong enough. With my last chemo just around the corner I stretch out the sore arm and drink water to plump the veins. I also curl 10 pound weights every day to pump the ropes and keep the arm strong so that what soft veins are left will take the needle and kick back blood to the nurses. Kick back. Kick. Drink the poison. Only one more time. Golden statue of my life kick back as hard as you can because I’m on the breaking point and I’m tired, really tired, and I’m ready to move on to the rest of my golden life.

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