examination room of dr. james chao, plastic surgeon, universtiy of california, san diego

Archive of a Breast Cancer Survivor


survivor book


Today I was fitted for breasts, silicon implants that is. The day has arrived. My reconstruction will take place on Monday. The hard ball of water mimicking my breast will be removed, and in its place a silicon implant will take that vacant spot. My chest muscle will be pushed away from the chest cavity, bone and fibrous maze, and the new implant will go into place. I am told there will be discomfort, I am told a drainage tube will be used for four days, and I am told, when done, I will be good as new. Good as new. My Frankenstein chest will be as good as new. Good fortune will be my new friend. The dance of discovery will become my partner better than any beacon of light, better than the celestial star of moon past and moon future because this girl is going home to her own beacon of becoming. The becoming of a new future.


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