picture of my parents, robert and lillian hughes, upon their engagement in 1959

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Happy Valentine’s Day

These are my parents. Mom and Dad. Lillian and Biggy. This is a photo of their
engagement day, my Mother sassy in her crème dress with a big bow tie and my Dad in his blue suit. The good old days. People dressed up for occasions such as this. This Valentine’s Day, I wanted to show the picture of the people who have been nurturing me, keeping me in their home during the “bad” week of chemo. They have no issues feeding me all the quirky foods my taste buds and stomach can handle: English muffins, peanut butter, swiss cheese, apples, plain-boiled and tasteless chicken, and lettuce leaves (thanks to my father’s organic garden). That is about it. That is all that I can handle during the bad week following chemo. You’ve got it, my tremendous diet that leaves me feeling rather lucky I can eat at all. These are the foods that my life rotates around. Every two hours I try to eat a handful of food from my limited diet. My parents are saints as they keep the house stocked with such foods, always introducing some exotic, perhaps pasta with two tablespoons of sauce to wet the noodles just enough. These are the people who are by my bedside waiting out the storm just as anxiously as I. And I love them. Thank you Mom and Dad for every handful, for every pillow adjustment, for every blanket you lay across my body limp and exhausted from going into the ring and fighting the most important knockout fight ever. Thank you. Love, Adriene.

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